Aug 18

Fantastic Fall Finds Near McKinney Uptown

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We are sharing with you some of the things we are excited to enjoy during this stunning season! Golden hours, sweet spices, crunchy leaves, and striking colors only begin to describe the things we love about Fall!

Be Sure To: Get out and see the beautiful fall colors! We recommend hitting the trails at Trinity Skyline Trail!

Taste Test: The Pumpkin Cheesecake from BIRD Bakery.

Check Out: Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival for a beautiful after-dark festival featuring the arts!

May 18

Make it a Summer to Remember at McKinney Uptown


Summer is a time for vacations, taking it easy, and rediscovering simple pleasures. Head into summer with our favorite ways to make it fun and memorable.

Start off your summer by planning your next great adventure. If you’re looking for hot deals before they’re gone, we suggest using Sky Scanner, a free tool that helps you to get price alerts on all of your top destinations.

Next, avoid the summertime blues and find ways to take it easy. One of the best ways to relax is to put away or mute all electronic devices, and only use them for absolute necessities. After powering off, power up to explore the outdoors, meet with friends for coffee, or go to the farmer’s market.

Finally, we’re all about simple summer pleasures – fresh-squeezed lemonade, an afternoon by our pool, or trying out new summertime grilling recipes. Enjoy these fun little experiences before the time slips away!

Apr 18

Getting Back Outside Near McKinney Uptown

If you’ve been huddled inside all winter waiting for better weather, then it’s time to get out again and rediscover the outdoors near our community. As you prepare to head out into nature, we offer our top three choices for helping you get out and gear up for the spring season.

Find a Trail Nearby

We’re fortunate to have a wide range of trails, from biking to hiking, and from in-town to near town, that can give you an outdoor fix. Not sure where to start? Try the website and app! You can rank routes on length, difficulty, and distance from our community.

Gear Up for Success

One of the most popular sites for outdoor gear-loving die-hards is They offer a no-questions-asked return policy, so if you don’t like something – no problem! What’s more, they have a built-in community of reviewers that test their products in every type of condition; they’re very detailed in letting you know how each product works and if it’d be right for you.

Pet-Friendly Forays

If you’re bringing your furry best friend along for the trek, don’t forget to also pack the essentials! The folks at will give you the need-to-know necessities – from doggy first aid kits, to snacks and feeding bowls.

Mar 18

Baking Up a Special Pi Day at McKinney Uptown

Don’t let Pi Day pass you by on March 14th without making something extra special! We’ve got three Pinterest-worthy pie recipes that everyone is sure to love!

Our first suggestion is a mini lemon meringue pie that’s as tiny as a tart! You can easily make it in your microwave with a few simple ingredients.

Second on the list is apple pie cookies – a fun, easy-to-bake twist on the usual American favorite. It’s definitely a pie for crust lovers, and it’s bound to be your new pie-day passion.

Third and final, our piece de resistance, is Nutella pie pops. Wrap some delicious crust around a rich Nutella filling, then plug in a stick. It’s simple, but your friends will think it’s to die for.

Do you have any more favorites? Visit our Facebook page to share your ultimate pie-day creations.

Feb 18

Relax and Read at McKinney Uptown

February’s chilly weather provides the best time to cuddle up with a good book! Browse our catalog of our favorite ways to take your reading to the next level.

Local Literature: Keep your reading selection fresh without the costs by heading to your local library. Already have a collection of your own? Find a Little Free Library and donate your old titles.

Book Smart: Find it hard to hang on to every last detail in a novel? Get the most out of your reads with Blinkist, a helpful summary tool that will keep you savvy on the details of your books.

Listening on the Go: If you don’t always have time to settle down to read, but still want to enjoy classic novels, new works, and more, we recommend Audible. Hear your favorite stories brought to life through this top-rated audiobook app.

Dec 17

Lace Up and Escape to the Katy Trail, Only Steps from McKinney Uptown

McKinney Uptown Apartments is steps from a premier outdoor recreation destination, the invigorating Katy Trail. This popular pathway draws over one million visitors annually, and it’s right in our own backyard in Uptown Dallas.

Residents at McKinney Uptown already enjoy a convenient location for visiting Victory Park to catch a game, dinner, and drinks. They flock to Knox/Henderson for some of the city’s finest dining, shopping, and nightlife. Not to mention West Village, where they frequent the delightful concentration of unique bars and boutiques – all found within a must-see span of several city blocks.

But when the sounds of the city need to be quieted, it’s easy to escape to the Katy Trail’s 3.5 miles of urban paradise. The tree-lined green space is sought after by runners, joggers, and people of all ages. It’s a great place for a casual workout as well as exciting events like the annual Michelob Ultra Katy Trail 5K.

Our ten-floor high rise affords incredible views across the Dallas skyline. When residents are ready for a change of pace from their sky-high sightseeing, they mix up their cardio workouts in the urban paradise that is the Katy Trail.

After a run on the trail, what’s better than one of Dallas’ finest patio restaurants and beer gardens? The Katy Trail Ice House boasts over 50 beers on tap, from craft Mexican brews to hometown Dallas drafts. They’re also equally as adept in the burger and barbecue department. So after burning a few calories on your jog or ride, reward yourself at the Katy Trail Ice House.

Nov 17

Ways to Give Back at McKinney Uptown

With Thanksgiving coming up soon, November inspires us to help others. You don’t have to travel far or spend money to give back to the community around us. The best gift you can give is to share your time, donate unused items, and create memorable moments while helping others.

Share Your Time

Spend a few hours of your time doing something good for someone else, like feeding the hungry. Local soup kitchens are always looking for volunteers to help prepare and serve food, or clean up after a busy meal.

Give Away Unneeded Items

Many of us have clothes we don’t use anymore or household items we don’t need. Don’t let these things go to waste; instead, give them to someone who can use them! The Salvation Army is the perfect place to donate to the less fortunate.

Provide a Memorable Moment

Want to involve your friends and family in the giving? Many places offer activities for a cause. Find an organization nearby and help others while you share memorable times with those you love!

Oct 17

Stay Spooky all Month Long at McKinney Uptown

With fall’s tricks and treats upon us, October brings tons of spooky excitement all month long. From haunted houses to family-friendly events, we have the best ways to celebrate Halloween near our community!

Haunted Houses

A big part of Halloween is the scary movies, costumes, and events. Head to one of the local haunted houses to get in on all the freaky fun.

Community Events

Looking for something less intense on the spook-o-meter? Look through local community events to find the perfect outing to attend. Use this handy calendar to see what’s coming up soon.

Costume Party

You can’t get truly into the Halloween spirit without a cute or creepy costume to wear. Whether you are preparing early or shopping last minute, Amazon’s Halloween Shop is the perfect place to snag a fun and unique costume.

Oct 17

Celebrate Oktoberfest Here at McKinney Uptown

Why go to Germany when you can celebrate Oktoberfest right here in our neck of the woods. Every September, Germany continues this 16- to 18-day Bavarian culture celebration with traditional foods, costumes, games, parades, and of course, lots and lots of beer! So grab your lederhosen and get ready to party!

Discover the Drinks

Do as the Germans and grab yourself an Oktoberfest bier, which is a specialty beer made for the festival. Find local breweries nearby to see who is selling the golden lager!

Eat the Treats

Half of the fun of Oktoberfest is the delicious traditional food, including sausages, potato pancakes, cheese spreads, and pretzels. You can easily make an Oktoberfest feast with these fun recipes.

Experience the Tradition

Enjoy your beer and snacks in true Oktoberfest spirit by donning a traditional festival outfit. Learn about the culture and traditions behind clothing, and all things Oktoberfest, with this helpful guide.

Oct 17

Summer Selfies to Take Nearby McKinney Uptown

Young Woman Taking Selfie In A Street Surrounded By Buildings.
Summer is winding down, but you can keep your social media hot with flawless selfies in fresh locations. Explore some of our favorite ideas on how to take that #SummerGoals worthy snap.

Location, Location, Location: Get a fresh take on your regular selfie by changing up the location. Find some of the most Instagram worthy places nearby using Sightsmap.

Picture Perfect: Don’t let the moment get away from you! Use a tripod or lens set made for your phone to take a professional level picture no matter when the moment strikes. See the latest and greatest photo gear here.

Old School: Get nostalgic and snag a waterproof disposable camera and take pictures in the pool, lake, or at the beach. Not being able to see the picture until it develops makes it all the more fun!

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